The real estate market is alive and well, but property values are tricky and always changing. There are a lot of things that can really lower the value of your home, including the trees that are in and around it. If you are reading this, you probably want to know, “Does tree removal increase property value?”

The answer is yes. If you remove those sick and dead trees from your property, it can add to its beauty. Additionally, such a removal also lowers the potential risks. All these attract potential buyers and increase the value of your home.

In this article, we will look deeply into how removing trees can increase your property value. We will also tell you which trees you should consider for removal. Continue reading to discover the complete answer.

The Aesthetic Value of Trees

Trees are a natural and aesthetically pleasing addition to any property that makes it look better. Not only do they provide useful functions like shade and wildlife attractions, but they also look nice.

You might not be able to numerically figure out how much a well-kept tree on your property is worth. But losing a tree can make a property look and feel very different. This could make it less valuable and appealing.

So, it is important to understand and appreciate how beautiful trees are and take care of them properly to get the most out of them.

Do Trees Increase Property Value?

The general answer is that mature, healthy trees that are well taken care of tend to raise the value of a home.

America loves its trees very much. If you want to add a tree to your property to make it look better from the street, you should get in touch with a professional tree service that can help you keep your tree healthy and looking good.

Well-kept trees can increase your property value by more than $7,000. But things are not always that easy.

The value of your home will not go up just because there is a tree (or several trees) around it. You will lose a lot of potential buyers if your trees are sick, blocking light, growing in the wrong place, or are dead.

Dead trees and trees that were planted in the wrong place are not only ugly, but they can also be dangerous to the people who live on the property.

If there is a higher chance of damage or injury on your property, it makes sense that the value of the property will go down. You should call a tree removal company to come take down the tree for you.

What Trees Should Be Removed from Your Property

Some trees might dull the look and value of your home. Consider getting rid of these trees before you sell your home:

  • Decaying or Damaged Trees

Damaged or dying trees can be a liability and a safety risk. They can also bring in bugs and diseases that can spread to other trees and plants on the property. Removing such trees can let other trees flourish.

  • Trees Blocking Your View or Giving Too Much Shade

Trees can also block views that buyers want or give off too much shade, which some buyers may not want. Eliminating trees that block the view or cast too much shade can make the area look bigger and more appealing to buyers.

  • Trees Planted Close to Your Home

If you plant trees too close to your house, they can hurt the foundation, siding, and roof. Roots can grow into the foundation over time and cause it to crack or move. Also, the tree branches can damage or wear down the siding or roof by scraping against them. Taking down these trees before you sell your house can help the potential buyer avoid having to pay for expensive repairs later on.

  • Trees That are Too Close to Power Lines or Other Utility Infrastructure

If you plant trees too close to power lines or other utility infrastructure, they can fall and hurt people or block the power, among other things. Cutting down these trees before you sell the house can lower the risk of accidents and make it safer for everyone, even serious buyers.

tree removal increase property value

How Does Tree Removal Increase Property Value?

Trees, especially desirable ones like Maple, Oak, Cherry, and Walnut, can increase the value of your home. However, sometimes getting rid of them is better.

Here are some reasons why cutting down trees in trouble spots can actually make your home worth more:

  • Improved Property Sightlines

By far, the best reason why cutting down trees raises property values is that it makes views better. Prospective homeowners usually look for homes that already have trees on them. But if the trees block your view of a feature on your property, like a lake, pond, or place to watch the sunset, it might be best to get rid of them.

Take note of one thing. If you want to get rid of a tree, you should always plant another one. In addition, if you’d like, you can plant a tree on the same day of your removal! You should always plant at least one tree, and when one is taken down, we strongly advise you to plant another.

Naturally, we recommend thinking about the future when picking a spot to plant a tree. Put your tree somewhere where it will be the center of attention on your property. There are many useful trees to plant. You can pick a colorful hardwood tree that you can show off for years to come.

  • Reduced Risk of Property Damage

One of the most annoying things about showing potential buyers a new home is a tree that might be dangerous to a building. Most trees do not fall, but the thought of one falling on a newly bought house or building can make someone nervous for no reason.

If you want to sell your home, one easy way to make it more valuable is to get rid of any trees that might be a problem for the next buyer. Tree removal does cost money, so make a smart choice!

  • Reduction of Yard Waste Created From Trees

Many trees are good for you, but if you have a tree that drops a lot of branches or leaves all over your lawn or property, it might be time to get rid of it. Anytime a tree is cut down, we suggest planting a new one. If you are tired of dealing with sticks and leaves in your lawn, plant one or more fast-growing trees, like cedars or evergreens.

Many people get rid of trees that make a lot of yard waste that needs to be cleaned up every year and replace them with an evergreen tree that does not lose its leaves.

  • Pest Reduction

Many animals come to the trees near the house. Real estate owners usually like having nature right outside their windows. In some cases, Asian Beetles, flies, wasps, and stink bugs are drawn to certain trees. Even worse, if the tree next to your building has a hole in it, a family of raccoons may move in and terrorize your trash can every week.

If trees close to your house are giving you trouble, you might want to cut them down and plant new ones in places that make sense, like around the outside of your property.


Trees significantly enhance a property’s aesthetic and functional value. They offer shade, attract wildlife, and potentially increase property value. However, the benefits depend on tree health and placement.

Dead or improperly placed trees can reduce value, pose safety risks, and necessitate removal. Strategic tree removal can improve views, reduce property damage risk, and decrease yard waste, thereby raising property value. However, replacing a tree with a new one with future growth and placement in mind will maintain or improve the property’s appearance.

With the help of a tree professional, tree removal and planting can become easy. Dynasty Tree Experts understand this. That’s why we skillfully remove a tree that’s not really serving you for years. Contact us today to get rid of those unsightly stumps, diseased trees, and dangerous dead trees on your property.